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ESL Learners’ English Pronunciation Errors: A Systematic Error rather than Accidental

Nathalie Ann Cabonce Alaga


ESL learners of English language encounter problems in producing correct pronunciation of the English words. This study determined the pronunciation errors on English vowel, consonant and digraph sounds among BS Psychology students. This study employed face – to – face oral pronunciation test. Mispronunciation was looked into as a result of the interference of L1 pronunciation. L1 phonological sounds have fossilized in the phonological knowledge of the ESL learners. Lastly, the spelling structure of the words gives confusion to the learners to pronounce the words. This concluded that pronunciation errors are systematic. This also led to a recommendation that teaching pronunciation should be given an intensive focus for enhancing the pronunciation errors and difficulty of the ESL learners.


vowel; consonant; digraphs; L1; phonology

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